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Thursday, 16 January 2014 09:01

Beauty on a Budget

The price of looking good can often be very high—but it doesn’t have to be. You can cut corners in certain areas that will leave you looking just as great with a few more dollars in your wallet.


Drugstore products, like Cetaphil or Neutrogena, are often just as effective as department store potions. As an added bonus, some drugstores have return policies that allow you to try a product and exchange it if you aren’t happy with it. Our favorites are Cetaphil lotion, Purpose soap, and Oil of Olay moisturizer.  

There are also several at home remedies for skin problems that are inexpensive, natural, and can be whipped up right in your pantry.  

Grind up oatmeal, mix it with honey, and you have yourself a wonderful rejuvenating max that will perfectly prep your skin for spring. 

If you have chapped lips, mix raw sugar with petroleum jelly in the palm of your hand and smooth over your lips. The result is instant exfoliation. 

Petroleum jelly can replace even the most expensive eyecream. Smooth a dab under your eyes at night (be sure to remove contacts first) and by morning it will be absorbed. Your under eye area will look plumper and refreshed. 

Don’t spend money on high tech exfoliators. Instead, buy baby wash clothes and use them, along with your usual cleanser, as a quick, sustainable exfoliation method. 


When it comes to cosmetics, you already have your favorites, your tried and true products. Use these suggestions to mix up your beauty routine and make it a little easier on your wallet.

To tame eyebrows, use generic brand clear mascara instead of an expensive brow gel. 

When buying eye shadow, invest in a high quality neutral base (think gold or champagne.) This makes your base stay longer and look more polished. You can augment the look with less costly colored eye shadows and save money without sacrificing your look. 

Everyone deserves to look their best. Follow these simple tips and you can step out in style for less money! 

Written by: Julie Anne Wieland

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Thursday, 09 January 2014 05:58

A Good Hair Day

Bad hair day? We’ve all had them right? The goal is having a good hair day ninety percent of the time. Here are a three tips to consider to ensure you’re more satisfied with your hair more of the time.

Find the right haircut for you – Whether you have a round, oval, rectangular, or pear-shaped face, finding the right cut for your particular bone structure is vital. See what shape is right for you: 

Round - Hair should be cut to create the illusion of length in the face. To achieve this, create height on top of the head and minimize hair width my keeping it flat on the sides and around the ears.

Oval - Can wear most hair cut styles and lengths with it still looking "right".

Rectangular - The ideal style of haircut for this shape will width at the sides, which will disguise any narrowness.  A fringe can also shorten the face, and a style with a side part will help to reduce the square appearance.

Diamond – You can turn your diamond into an oval by creating width at the forehead and minimizing it at the cheekbones. 

Pear - The objective of a suitable style of hair cut is to give the illusion of an oval face by creating width at the forehead and temples.

Square - Hair should be layered around the face to soften the jaw line. Hair should wisp around face to reduce squareness.

Heart – By adding width at the jawline, heart-shaped beauties can create the illusiong of an oval-shaped face. 

No matter what your exact face shape is, there are some simple guidelines that, when followed, will help you reach that good hair goal! 

Get your hair cut frequently – When you have short, you need to get your hair cut every 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. But what if you don’t have short hair? You may be able to put off a cut for a little more than six weeks, but don’t put it off for too long. By getting your hair cut every 6-8 weeks, you are maximizing the style of your hair cut and maintaining maximum health of your hair.

Use the right hair product – We're sure your stylist has told you that product makes the hairstyle. And we couldn’t agree more. Product does make the difference! We have our favorite products including Bed Head’s Root Boost and Superstar, but the best product for you product depends on your hair type and length. Talk with your hair care professional. 

Whether you have a good or bad hair day can change your entire mood. Therefore, taking the time to care for it can make a difference! Be sure to really take a look at your cut and how you care for it and you’ll be sure to have more good hair days!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011 15:32

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick

It's no secret that the fourpoints team are big fans of MAC cosmetics. My current favorite in their lineup is Cremesheen lipstick in Creme D'Nude. It's the pefect neutral for fall, for the fair skinned ladies like MCF301me and the darker complected among us. What i love about this lipstick is the full pigmentation, the shiny but not too glossy finish, and the way it feels. It's like a gorgeous chapstick, essentially—very moisturizing and comfortable to wear. There are other shades in the Cremesheen line, however, if nudes are not your thing. Check out all of MAC's lipsticks.

Bonus: If you collect 6 empty make up containers (eyeshadow, lipstick, powder, etc.) you can turn them in at any MAC counter or store for a FREE lipstick!

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