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Monday, 09 April 2012 14:21

Mother-Daughter Stage Presence

Rebecca_King_DremanRebecca King Dreman, Miss America 1974, tells fourpoints about seeing her daughter compete on the Miss America stage!

fourpoints: What was it like to be the first Miss America to see her daughter compete on the Miss America stage?
Rebecca King Dreman: When Diana won at the state level, I was excited for her. I knew this was history in the making. Then at Miss America, when she was on stage, I had so many emotions because I had been there competing. I knew what she was going through. Diana is a wonderful young woman and…she is a great Miss Colorado. I am so proud of her many and varied accomplishments.

fpts: How did you help Diana make the right decisions about competing? How much did you influence her choice?
RKD: As parents, we always mentored our children, helping them find their moral compass, helping them make good life choices. However, I didn't encourage her to be in pageants at a young age. The first time she competed was the first year of Miss America's Outstanding Teen. I told her at that point I would support her–with her guidance.

fpts: On stage, Diana mentioned that being there was so special for her. What do you think made it so special?
RKD: She knows and understands what being on that stage has meant for thousands of young women, so she couldn't help but be proud of her accomplishment–to be one of fifty-three special young women. Friday night, she wore one of my dresses, the gown I gave up my crown in. It was very touching for me. The entire experience had a lot of meaning for her, one that I lived to share with her.

fpts: How did you help her with her platform?
RKD: I'm a living example of the value of the American Cancer Society. Diana has lived with cancer, with me, as one of my care givers. She remembers the day we were told I would likely live for only a few more months. But she has done all of the work for her platform. She has done all of this is her own way, made her own contacts, promoted research and legislation, participated in fundraising events, and when she speaks to people, she can say, "The research of the American Cancer Society, the scientific progress, has helped my mother survive."

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Thursday, 30 June 2011 13:39

Welcome to New Miss and OT Titleholders




Miss Alaska 2011 Katy Lovegreen
Education: Alaska Pacific University
Platform: “Speak Out:” Promoting Public Speaking and Debate Programs for Youth
Talent: Dance





Miss California 2011 Noelle Freeman
Education: Chapman University
Platform: A Promising Future for Autism
Talent: Ballet en Pointe






Miss Colorado 2011 Diana Dreman
Education: University of Colorado at Boulder
Platform: American Cancer Society
Talent: Dance










Miss Connecticut 2011 Morgan Amarone
Education: Quinnipiac University
Platform: The Power of Pink – Cancer Education and Awareness
Talent: Jazz Dance










Miss Louisiana 2011 Hope Anderson
Education: University of Louisiana at Monroe
Platform: Love the Skin You’re In
Talent: Dance “Sway”







Miss Maryland 2011 Carlie Colella
Education: Hood College
Platform: Empowerment of Women: Creating an Equal Opportunity for Success
Talent: Contemporary Dance








Miss New Mexico 2011 Sarina Turnbull
Education: New Mexico State University
Platform: Children's Literacy: Turn the Page to a Lifetime of Knowledge
Talent: Ballet en Pointe









Miss North Carolina 2011 Hailey Best
Education: Meredith College
Platform: Live On Foundation
Talent: Operatic Vocal







Miss South Dakota 2011 Anna Simpson
Education: South Dakota State University
Platform: Give Back
Talent: Piano









Miss Utah 2011 Danica Olsen
Education: Utah Valley University
Platform: Prescription Drug Addiction Awareness
Talent: Dance








Miss Vermont 2011 Katie Levasseur
Education: University of Vermont
Platform: Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow
Talent: Scottish Highland Dance








Miss Virginia 2011 Elizabeth Crot
Education: James Madison University
Platform: Get Involved: Change the World!
Talent: Vocal









Miss Wyoming 2011 Catherine Brown
Education: University of Wyoming
Platform: Traumatic Brain Injury and Awareness
Talent: Pop Vocal and Sign Language Interpretation – “Come Away with Me”





In addition, the followin Outstanding Teens have been crowned:

Miss Connecticut's Outstanding Teen 2011 Nicole Nemense
Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen 2011 Julia Martin
Miss Maine's Outstanding Teen 2011 Alison Folsom
Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2011 Ally Soule
Miss Missouri's Outstanding Teen 2011 McKensie Garber
Miss New Mexico's Outstanding Teen 2011 Nicolette Noel Young
Miss New York's Outstanding Teen 2011 Lauren Molella
Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen 2011 Clytee Burchett
Miss Rhode Island's Outstanding Teen 2011 Ivy Shen
Miss South Dakota's Outstanding Teen 2011 Alexis Kosiak
Miss Tennessee's Outstanding Teen 2011 Madison Snipes
Miss Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen 2011 Annie Jorgensen
Miss Wyoming's Outstanding Teen 2011 Montana Sannes

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