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kompliqueVibrant colors and personal expression are an integral theme of the upcoming 2012 Miss America Pageant, and the fifty-three women taking part in the iconic event—airing on ABC Television on Saturday, January 14, 2012. Showcasing strength, body, intelligence and beauty via their new official swimwear sponsor Kompliqué, the swimwear features vibrant colors and bold patterns that match the style and personalities of the individual Miss America contestants—and the bold new direction the Miss America brand is taking.

Kompliqué views the partnership with the Miss America Pageant as a cohesive match to the brand’s founding philosophy: "The Kompliqué woman cherishes her mind and her body equally. She is educated, but continues to study.  She has financial means, but continues to work. She is fit, but continues to exercise.  She does not rest, and remains in a constant state of improving her life and the lives of others.  She is beautiful, confident, ambitious, and yet ultra-feminine - she is Kompliqué."

President and CEO of the Miss America Organization, Art McMaster says, “This year we are celebrating the vibrancy, individual style and colorful personalities of our contestants, and aligning with Kompliqué as the official swimwear sponsor, will allow each contestant’s personal style to shine in the fitness and health competition.  It will bring an entirely new dynamic to the production of this year’s show as it emphasizes the intelligence and health of today’s young women.”

Kompliqué will be bringing an exciting new element to this year’s pageant. Each contestant will have a private consult with the Kompliqué design team to determine the style, fit, and colors that exemplify their individualism. Looking amazing in swimwear is no accident. The contestants cannot study the night before or purchase a swimwear figure in a boutique. The swimwear competition is unique in that it measures the contestant’s lifestyle and lifestyle choices. Just like the Miss America pageant is more than a beauty contest, Komplique is more than just bikinis.

Komplique is a lifestyle brand that embraces health, beauty, and self-esteem–a lifestyle that is achieved through education, hard work ethic, and self-discipline. Komplique recognizes and appreciates the commitment that these young women have made to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are very excited to see our collection on these amazing, talented, and hardworking young women! The sponsorship with Kompliqué was developed and introduced by Miss America Properties.

Source: Miss America Organization

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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 11:27

A Special Titleholder

Posted Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey, readers! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday. This story was forwarded to me before the holiday, but in the shuffle I didn't have time to talk about it / post it to my blog. But now, I'm happy to share this story with you:

Spokane police officers arrived to an unusual site at an emergency call on November 3rd: a homeless woman being assisted at the edge of a busy freeway off ramp by a shoeless teenage girl, in a pretty dress, with a four-point crown perched on her head.

15 year old, JJ Brown, Miss Spokane’s Outstanding Teen, had just come from the Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design and was on her way to perform at a "Musical Salute to Veterans" sponsored by the El Katif Shrine Center Legion of Honor in Spokane when a woman walking along the edge of the off ramp lost consciousness and her body tumbled right into the path of oncoming, rush-hour traffic. JJ’s Mom swerved to avoid hitting the woman and sped her car to the closest safe location to call 911. Before the car came to a full stop JJ leapt out of the car and dashed the 150 yards back to the woman.

Without much thought to her own safety, JJ hoisted the unconscious woman out of the middle of the road, got her to the guard rail, out of the direct path of traffic,and revived her.

The Spokane police officers arrived very quickly and helped get appropriate medical attention to the woman. An hour later JJ was surprised to see our Sheriff sitting in the front row as she sang at the veteran’s event. He served as an emotional reminder of her gratitude for all those who serve. Although she was slightly shaken and a little choked up, she sang beautifully and moved the audience with her heart-felt rendition of Lee Greenwood's "I'm Proud to Be An American".

Oh, why was she shoeless you ask? JJ is notorious for not putting on her heels until she reaches the door to an event, so she usually wears her trademark Converse Chuck Taylor's until she is near the venue. She was getting pretty close to her performance so she jumped out of the car half-way through the shoe change.

I don't know about you, but it warms my heart to hear about every titleholder making lives better in their communities.

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