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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 15:27

Miss America Appears in T.V. Interviews

Headline_News-TV_InterviewsThe newly crowned Laura Kaeppeler performed her first duty as Miss America by appearing on Good Morning America Tuesday. The former Miss Wisconsin flew directly from the pageant in Las Vegas, three suit cases in tow, to appear on the show.

Laura described the start of her year of service with enthusiasm.

"I couldn't be more thrilled," she says.

Laura also appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, and discussed her plans for the $50,000 scholarship awarded by Amway.

"I'm actually looking forward to going to law school after this year to really carry out the work of my platform of mentoring and advocating for children who have parents in prison...I hope to use be a legal voice for children who don't have one," Laura says.

Laura rang the opening bell of NASDAQ this morning.

Photo: MAO

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Wednesday, December 7 in the 8 a.m. ET hour*

Tune in tomorrow, December 7, to hear the LIVE announcement of the national judges selected for the 2012 Miss America Pageant on ABC’s Good Morning America during the Pop News segment, in the 8 a.m. ET* hour.

* Please check your local listings

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Thursday, 19 May 2011 16:01

Follow Up to Pageant Moms in the Media

I was both relieved and troubled to read today that the story about Kerry Campbell, the mother who claimed to inject her 8-year-old daughter Brittany with botox, was a hoax.

I am relieved because it was dangerous behavior, and thank goodness that little girl didn't have to go through that. I am relieved because I really, truly hoped that pageants hadn't devolved to that level - and I was right. They haven't, and they won't.

On the other hand, I remain troubled because Brittany ( or whatever her real name may be ) still has a mother who is willing to lie and put her on national television for...what? Fame? Infamy? I am still not sure, because the story resulted in mother and child being separated.

I am stomping mad because this woman posed as a pageant mom and perpetuated the stereotype that pageant mothers are extremists, willing to do anything. It is so sad that this story, on some level, was...believable.

And finally, whether the botox was a truth or an elaborate hoax, I maintain my original conclusion—this is abusive behavior. It's abusive to lie and teach your child to lie, and to put your child in the national spotlight and in the hands of Child Protectice Services for a media prank.

What do you guys think? Am I overreacting to a white lie? Or is there more to this?


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