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Friday, 27 April 2012 09:05

Get the Perfect Smoky Eye

Smoky_EyeEyes are enhanced by attention, and a little bit of smokiness. The smoky-eye look has been around for quite a while. However, that doesn't mean the look is out of style. It's as popular today as it ever has been.

But for the smoky-eye style, a little goes a long way, and too much color or too dark a shadow can take your eyes awawy from attractive and drop them into a Tim Burton movie.

Everybody is different, some people like the really dramatic effect, but, as noted, this can go over-the-top. A more natural look can be more appealing.

The key is color matching, meaning your eye color, not your outfit. Freelance makeup artist Renata Stojcevski says women can enhance their natural eye color with the color of shadow around the eyes.

"The biggest misconception is, 'I have blue eyes, I should wear blue eye shadow," but it does nothing for eye. Shadow smoky brown makes (blue) eyes pop even more," Renata says.

For green eyes, shades of brown, copper, and rust "intensify the eye color," and brown eyes look best coupled with plums, and greens.

To give the eye a smoky look, follow these steps:

"I start in the outer corner with a campaign color across the lid, and do a little smoke in the crease," Renata says. Everyone's eyes are different, and some look better with a more intense smoky eye, whereas women with smaller eyes will benefit from less intense colors.

"If (the eye) is big and bold, use intense color all over the lid. If they're little, and small, do the smoky within the crease…I always start out with the crease, then do all of the eye," Renata says.

Champagne colors should be used on the lid to the brow line. Dab color into the crease and blend from there. The color should be well blended and smoothed around the eye, not just on the lid, Renata suggests.

"A smoky eye doesn't mean all the color is packed on the lid. It depends on the eye shape," she says. Blend the color across the lid to the outer corner of the eye to give it a cat-like look, or for something less intense, stay within the confines of the crease and outer corner.

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Photo: Heidi Eckert

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011 15:15

Fall Beauty Tips from Artistry

Artistry, the official skincare and cosmetics sponsor of the Miss America Organization, just debuted their fall line. Here are some tips and inspiration!

Embrace your natural beauty
• Use subtle colours and a light hand to accentuate your best features.
• Invest in quality makeup brushes—like the ARTISTRY® Lavish Brush Set.
Sculpt with neutrals
• Use light, luminous neutrals to highlight your brow bone, the middle of your eyelid, your cheekbone.
• Use dark, intense neutrals to create dimension and drama along the lash line and in the crease.
Accent with colour
• Use touches of pink—on eyes, cheeks and lips—for a youthful glow.
• Prime your lips for rich colour with a lip pencil one shade darker than your lipstick. Fill in lips entirely with pencil, then apply top color.

Check out the new fall collection from Artistry here.

Published in Exclusive Web Content