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Miss Texas People's Choice Awards

Welcome to the 2013 Miss Texas People's Choice Awards. Cast your vote for the contestant you feel should be a finalist in the 2013 Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant. Each vote is $1 per vote. The contestant with the most votes will automatically advance into the Miss Texas 2013 finals. The Miss Texas finals will be held July 6, 2013. Online voting will be open June 3, 2013 until 4:00 p.m. CST on July 3, 2013.  Proceeds from the 2013 People's Choice Awards will benefit Miss Texas Pageant. Inc. So, show your support today!

Miss San Antonio.Headshot.Brooklyn Dippo

Brooklyn Dippo
Miss San Antonio

Miss Capital of Texas.Head Shot.Ameera Swaidan

Ameera Swaidan
Miss Capital of Texas

Miss Northeast Houston.Head Shot.Summer Sadiyeh

Summer Sadiyeh
Miss Northeast Houston

Miss Houston.Head shot.Zoe Cadore

Zoe Cadore
Miss Houston

Miss West Texas.Head Shot.Felicia Bolton

Felicia Bolton
Miss West Texas

Miss North Texas.Head shot.Ivana Hall

Ivana Hall
Miss North Texas

Miss Kaufman County.Head shot.Emily Falkenberg

Emily Falkenberg
Miss Kaufman County

Miss PLANO.Head Shot.Megan Clark

Megan Clark
Miss Plano

Miss Dallas.Head shot.Monique Evans

Monique Evans
Miss Dallas


Taylor Lowery
Miss Southlake

Miss White Settlement.Head Shot.Sterling Bishop

Sterling Bishop
Miss White Settlement

Miss Keller.Head shot.Kaylee Killingsworth

Kaylee Killingsworth
Miss Keller

Miss Arlington.Head Shot.Michelle Hanson

Michelle Hanson
Miss Arlington

Miss Denton County.Head shot.Kelsey Conrad

Kelsey Conrad
Miss Denton County

Miss Cy-Fair Houston.Head Shot.Elizabeth Medina

Elizabeth Medina
Miss Cy-Fair Houston

Miss San Jacinto.Head Shot.Shannon Sanderford

Shannon Sanderford
Miss San Jacinto

Miss Wellington.Head Shot.Nakisha Nation

Nakisha Nation
Miss Wellington

Miss Fort Bend County.Head Shot.Lexa  Lavender

Lexa Lavender
Miss Fort Bend County

Miss South Texas.Head shot.Brittany Tew

Brittany Tew
Miss South Texas

Miss Top of Texas.Head shot.Brittany Johson

Brittany Johnson
Miss Top of Texas

Miss Texas Hill Country.Headshot.Emily Foster

Emily Foster
Miss Texas Hill Country

Miss Carrollton.Head shot.Brittney Bennett

Brittney Bennett
Miss Carrollton

Miss Twin Rivers.Head Shot.Breshell Hurley

Breshell Hurley
Miss Twin Rivers

Miss Allen.Head Shot.Risa Mitchell

Risa Mitchell
Miss Allen

Miss Burnet.Head Shot.Chyna Wheatley

Chyna Wheatley
Miss Burnet

Miss FRISCO.Head Shot.Kate Samuelson

Kate Samuelson
Miss Frisco

Miss Tip of South Texas.Head Shot.Krystal Cavazos

Krystal Cavazos
Miss Tip of South Texas

Miss Texarkana.Head Shot.Jessica Barerra

Jessica Barrera
Miss Texarkana

Miss Hunt County.head shot.Khrista Bishop

Khrista Bishop
Miss Hunt County

Miss Katy.Head shot.Jean Mabute

Jean Mabute
Miss Katy

Miss Mansfield.Head Shot.Shelby Marston

Shelby Marston
Miss Mansfield

Miss South Dallas.Head Shot.Suzanne Mills

Suzanne Mills
Miss South Dallas

Miss Piney Woods.Head Shot. Meagen Morrison

Meagen Morrison
Miss Piney Woods

Miss Southwest Texas.Head Shot.Christa Rachelle Newman

Christa Newman
Miss Southwest Texas

Miss DFW.Head shot.Christine Tang

Christine Tang
Miss DFW

Miss Limestone County.Head Shot.Keli Kryfko

Keli Kryfko
Miss Limestone County

Miss Tarrant County.Head shot.April Zinober

April Zinober
Miss Tarrant County

Miss Northwest Tarrant County.Head Shot.Sarah McKimmey

Sarah McKimmey
Miss Northwest Tarrant County

Miss Sugarland.Head Shot.Callie Thompson

Callie Thompson
Miss Sugar Land

Miss Hub City.head shot. Dakota Earnest

Dakota Earnest
Miss Hub City

Miss Duncanville.Head Shot.Lakesha Clark

Lakesha Clark
Miss Duncanville

Miss Brownfield.Head Shot.Christa Widjaja

Christa Widjaja
Miss Brownfield

Miss Southeast Texas.Head Shot.Elizabeth Gardner

Elizabeth Gardner
Miss Southeast Texas

Miss Fort Worth.Head shot.Rachel Garrett

Rachel Garrett
Miss Fort Worth

Miss Austin.Head Shot.Sean Durrett

Sean Durrett
Miss Austin

Miss Harris County.Head Shot.Niki Noblett

Niki Noblett
Miss Harris County

Miss Fairview.Head Shot.Whitney Wylie

Whitney Wylie
Miss Fairview

Miss Lubbock.Head shot.Morgan Fuller

Morgan Fuller
Miss Lubbock