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Somer_Allen1Miss Lights of the Delta Somer Allen is more than glitz and glamour, and she sure isn't wearing heels during her four-month stay in Uganda. Somer is currently volunteering with the Outreach Mission Program, where she will forgo the traditional pageant exterior to focus on the beauty within.

Somer is taking her platform worldwide In Lira, Uganda where her daily routine includes working in schools, hospitals, prisons and outreach ministries. Somer's platform is "Service and Involvement: Promoting a Positive Future."

At home in Arkansas, Somer is a frequent volunteer at the Lights of the Delta Festival, the Northeast Arkansas Pageant and the Blytheville Tree Lighting Ceremony, Taylor Home Open House, the Chuck & Steve radio show. Somer also volunteered at the Children's Miracle Ball in Little Rock.

Somer, former Miss Northeast Arkansas 2011 and third alternate to Miss Arkansas, will be home in May to get ready for the 2012 Lights of the Delta Festival at the Miss Arkansas Pageant in July. Until then, you can read more about her adventures in her blog!

Source: Marrietta Jerome, Director of Lights of the Delta Pageant in Blytheville, Arkansas

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Thursday, 08 September 2011 13:19

National Sweetheart 2011 Crowned in Illinois

The National Sweetheart tradition continued in Hoopeston, Illinois over Labor Day weekend. Here are the results:

NationalSweetheart-10National Sweetheart—Simone Mullinax, Arkansas
1st Runner Up—Tippe Emmott, Missouri
2nd Runner Up—Amanda Narciso, Massachusetts
3rd Runner Up—Raeanna Johnson, Wisconsin
4th Runner Up—Kristen Springer, Georgia

Remaining Top 10
Haley Bagwell, Alabama
Hannah Porter, Colorado
Jenna Day, Kentucky
Kalen Dennis, Florida
McKenna Wheeler, Utah

Preliminary Awards
Groups AB Swimsuit: Hannah Porter, Colorado
Groups AB Evening Gown: Hannah Porter, Colorado
Groups AB Talent: Kristen Springer, Georgia and Kalen Dennis, Florida
Groups AB Interview: Hannah Porter, Colorado; Chandler Lawson,
 Tennessee; Kristen Springer, Georgia; and Carley McCord, Louisiana
Groups CD Swimsuit: Simone Mullinax, Arkansas
Groups CD Evening Gown: Tippe Emmott, Missouri
Groups CD Talent: Amanda Narciso, Massachusetts
Groups CD Interview: Melissa Youssef, District of Columbia; Raeanna
 Johnson, Wisconsin; and Simone Mullinax, Arkansas

Pat Musk Non-Finalist Talent Award: Leah Cecil, California

Bob Horan Producers’ Award: Samantha Phillippi, Minnesota

John Bitner Memorial Judges’ Award: Katie Berry, New Jersey

Miss Congeniality: Mindy Schreiber, Nebraska

Final Night Overall Talent Award: Simone Mullinax, Arkansas

People’s Choice Award: Samantha Phillippi, Minnesota and Haley 
Bagwell, Alabama

Photo/Info: Joe Whiteko

Published in State & Local News