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Planning a party that raises money for your scholarship fund is fun! There are several events that can double as fundraisers for your pageant. Here are some ways to raise funds for your pageant that are classic as well as cutting edge. Get your community involved!

Fashion Shows:

In past years, the Miss Montana program has put together fundraiser fashion shows. The idea sparked from program book ad sales and culminated in a charity event for the pageant. "I decided this would be a great way to let Bozeman (Montana) know about Miss Montana and the Children's Miracle Network," says Nicole Yost, 2011 Miss Montana contestant.

She got clearance from the Shodair Children's Hospital to hold the fashion show in their honor, and they were more than open to the idea.

"Glen Newhart at Shodair was a great help," says Nicole. "He sent me brochures, fliers, and other supplies."

Other local businesses chipped in, donating raffle items and free samples, and volunteering their time the day of the fashion show. Ultimately, Nicole was able to raise a healthy sum for the Shodair Children's Hospital while also introducing Bozeman to the Miss Montana pageant.

Virtual Donations:

Now that social media is a large part of pageantry, with Facebook and Twitter feeds providing news and information on a daily basis, some fundraising events have entered virtual reality. Many state pageants have a People's Choice award, where the most "popular" contestant is given a small scholarship award or similar recognition.

In 2011, the Miss Florida pageant took this tradition and went viral with it. They set up a website advertising their People's Choice competition and all the necessary details–for example, the fact that the winner of the competition would be a semifinalist at the state pageant. Anyone could vote online for a contestant, for the price of $1. Voting was unlimited and all proceeds went to the Miss Florida Scholarship Organization. They were able to raise a lot from this promotion and with minimal effort on their part.

Raising money for your pageant or Children's Miracle Network is a constant task, as all pageant volunteers know. By planning events that involved your community–whether it is a new idea or a classic concept–you can put the "fun" back in fundraising.

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