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Thursday, 30 January 2014 08:23

As our magazine comes to an end, Kasie Smith, president and publisher, and Jennifer Reeves, sales director, want to take a look back at all of the wonderful memories the Miss America Organization, the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Organization, and all of our readers have given them through the nine years of publication.

 K: In 2005, I was at one of the meetings that we presented fourpoints. Dana and Steve Phillips renewed their vows at the meeting and we were all their guests. It was one of the most special events.

J: My first pageant assignment with fourpoints was at MAOTeen when I saw Jeanette Morelean crowned. I remember sitting in the audience, listening to the accomplishments of these TEENAGERS, thinking, I’ve got to do more with my kid! I was mesmerized. My jaw dropped when I heard things like “she has a 4.2 GPA” or “she raised more than $10,000 for Children’s Miracle Network.” From that moment, I knew the program was doing amazing things for young women and I was proud to be a part of it.

K: I really enjoyed seeing (hometown girl) Kirsten Haglund, Miss Michigan crowned Miss America.

J: The first Miss America pageant I attended was in Las Vegas, when Caressa Cameron was crowned. What a week that was! We arrived at Planet Hollywood, worked the trade show all day and went to our first prelim on Tuesday night. With the time change from Michigan to Vegas, we were up for 20 hours that first day and as exhausted as I was…I didn’t want it to end. 

K: I loved having the opportunity to judge Miss New Hampshire, Miss Maine, and Miss Louisiana. 

J: Participating in the judges press conference for the very first time – I was too nervous to ask a question. Those nerves subsided in future press conferences. The challenge was trying to sneak in a question between all of Robin Leach’s questions. 

chrisK: Meeting Chris Harrison was definitely a highlight!

J: Not knowing it would be the last pageant I would attend for fourpoints, the return to Atlantic City was very magical. The history, nostalgia, Boardwalk, Shoe Parade, events, excitement, camaraderie—it was ALL there that week. We were fortunate to participate in many events, one in particular stood out—the host press conference. After attending for five years and asking questions in the judges press conference, I finally had my chance to connect with Chris Harrison and Lara Spencer. And did I ever! I asked a few questions and during our photo shoot at the end, Lara told me I asked great questions. Wow! That will always be a special memory me. That, and my photo with Chris Harrison! 

K: I'm also glad that we were able to participate in the volunteer efforts in Las Vegas, getting to know the volunteers—they're the heart and soul of the organization all while giving back to Habitat for Humanity. 


J: My most favorite memories are the ones that include the people I’ve met over the last six years. From the national, state and local levels, amazing people (too many to mention here) have come into my life, teaching me lessons along the way that support the four points of the Miss America crown. That is what I will miss the most—connecting with people.  

K: I am especially thankful for the support of fourpoints from contestants everywhere, and the wonderful letters we received from our readers.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your encouragement, belief, and passion. We hope to have made an impact on your personal journey with the Miss America Organization, because you’ve definitely made an impact on all of us at fourpoints.