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Miss New Mexico 2005 Ane Cristal Romero receives National Award

Monday, 08 August 2011 15:09

Ane Cristal Romero, Miss New Mexico 2005, took the difficult topic of Breaking the Silence: Youth Suicide Prevention as her platform to Miss America 2006. She vowed to continue working to contribute to the nation’s education about mental health and suicide prevention issues. She is now a legislatie aid to Congresswoman Grace Napolitano of California. Ane was recently recognized by The National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health for her work in Washington D.C. 

Romero is Napolitano’s head staff mmber for a bill the congresswoman introduced in February, the Mental Health in Schools Act. This bill would authorize more therapists and mental health services in public schools nationwide.

“No one on Capitol Hill is as organized, thorough and passionate about improving mental health delivery as Ane Romero,” said Henry Acosta, director for the National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health. “She’s well respected by her colleagues who appreciate her knowledge, hard work, and dedication to mental health issues. She’s extremely intelligent and resourceful, and yet so humble.”

Romero hopes the bill will help save lives of adolescents who are struggling with depression and other mental health issues.

“Overall, this legislation will give young people the opportunity to become more informed about mental health and help remove the stigma,” Romero said. “It will encourage them to ask for help, and not be ashamed or embarrassed to access services.”

Source: New Mexico Highlands University