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Five Minutes With...Kris Jenner

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 10:22

Five_Minutes_with_Kris_JennerReality TV star and Miss America 2012 judge Kris Jenner dishes on the swimsuit competition, role models, and more!

fourpoints: How do you feel about the swimsuit competition? Some previous judges have said it is unnecessary part of the pageant.
Kris Jenner: I liked the swimsuit competition. If the contestants had not looked healthy, I might have a problem with it. But you can tell by their hair, their skin–they are healthy!

fpts: Did any of your daughters ever compete in pageants?
KJ: Pageants were not a part of their lives, no. We always watch Miss America as a family. But if one of my girls had come to me and said, I want to do this, I would have said, you bet.

fpts: What were you looking for in a Miss America?
KJ: Definitely a role model. This Miss America pageant is a different game than it was fifty years ago. Today, with all the things that a contestant has to deal with–Facebook, Twitter, all of social media–she has the ability to reach even more people.

fpts: Did anything surprise you about the pageant?
KJ: What did surprise and impress me is the work ethic that all the contestants have. They look at this as a job, not just a beauty pageant, which is something I try to instill in my girls.

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