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Catch the Asymmetrical Fever

Monday, 10 September 2012 10:00

skirtThe summer of 2012 brought a myriad of amazing dress and skirt trends and one of them is asymmetrical “fever.” Before fall kicks in for good, find your asymmetrical skirt or dress and capitalize on this hot trend! To make your life easier, here are a few useful fashion tips on how to choose the best asymmetrical skirt for your body shape:

Both high-end designer labels and cheaper fashion brands offer many stunning designs. First look around in stores and online to see which skirts you can afford to buy

Study your body shape and pick the style that turns you into a real goddess. Thin girls should go for ruffled skirts, and fuller girls should choose a skirt with a short hem reaching the mid part of their legs

Decide on the color and style of the skirt. Asymmetrical skirts come in a variety of shades, feature multiple eye-catching prints and designs

Pay attention to fabrics. If you want a skit to wear more often, choose a skirt with easy-to-care-for machine washable fabric. If you want something to wear on special occasions, choose a more delicate fabric.

Make sure you’ve chosen the right size. Just because the tag says one thing, the fit of the skirt may say another. Wearing your correct size will compliment your body and be more comfortable too!

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Source: Armine Karapetyan