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Miss Spirit of the State ED Needs Your Help!

Monday, 22 October 2012 12:36

219226_203785506322329_2226583_oLocal Michigan pageant director and business owner Noddea Skidmore is calling for support. Her business, Stiletto Sweets, is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and it's in the running for local financial support, but Noddea needs your endorsement. Interested in helping out a fellow pageant enthusiast? Read what she has to say:

"...My cake and cupcake business called Stiletto Sweets is pursuing a venture capital investment opportunity through an organization called 'Start Garden.' It's awesome, and innovative–they give weekly start-up funds to new ideas and budding businesses each week. Last week, I gave it a whirl, and my gut says I came close. Of the two "winners" each week (they don't call them winners, but please, it's winning) the Start Garden team chooses an idea and the public chooses an idea through online endorsements. The ideas that get $5K investments come back and present what they did with their $5K between sixty to ninety days later, and then the Start Garden team decides which ideas should get $20K. This repeats. The team will invest up to half a million dollars in a single idea. Therefore, I think you probably can tell why I am not ready to give up yet. Even though things didn't work in my favor last time, I think we CAN make it happen.

It's a numbers game for that public endorsement... so it comes down to endorsing, sharing, and encouraging others to do the same. However, my time is limited. You can only re-submit an idea so many times. ...For those that are willing to help, I promise that I won't forget about you. This business isn't just about me. Stiletto Sweets is about everyone who gets to enjoy it."

Here's how to participate: 

  • Click here to go to the Stiletto Sweets endorsement page
  • Click "ENDORSE" then leave a reply (Noddea's goal is one hundred replies by Wednesday)
  • Share this link via Twitter and Facebook, and encourage people to endorse too
  • Deadline: 11:59 a.m. on Thursday of this week

Source: Noddea Skidmore