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Black is the New Pink

Monday, 29 October 2012 15:43

IMG_0453bBlack is the new pink on the pageant runway, so said the fashion enthusiasts in Atlanta’s fall marketplace, and so say the trends hitting racks come spring. Prepare for a classic take on evening gowns that will still make a fashion statement with high necklines and keyhole backs. 

Jennifer Howe Rogan is the owner of So Sweet Boutique, and along with her stylist Stephanie Smith, she’s anticipating fashion statements reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn this spring.

“I feel like we’re making some milestones in fashion, but going back to our roots,” she says.

Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s when you’re out hunting for your evening gown. Low-cut necklines and daring slitted skirts a thing of the past. The modesty panel makes covering up the trend of 2013.

Hairstyles are evolving to match the trend of intricacy in dress design, and Miss contestants can be more elaborate. If you’re in a Teen or Miss competition, make appointments with your hairdresser ahead of time to try new styles that match the current trends. Make note of the time it takes to do each style so you’re ready for quick, backstage changes.

Can’t bring your own personal stylist to the pageant? See if she will give you a few tips on doing your own hair.

“I’m willing to go and teach my clients and show them how to do it. It’s hard if you don’t know how to do it yourself, but your stylist may offer. Don’t hesitate to ask,” Stephanie says.

 The same concept can be applied to makeup, although no matter your age, don’t go too elaborate, especially with the blush.

“That’s the biggest thing (girls) make mistakes on, putting it on wrong,” says Jennifer. “Go to the mall and make an appointment with a makeup artist. Buy the products and have them do your makeup. It’s cheap, and then you can get the products suggested for (your skin tone).”

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