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Wednesday, 21 September 2011 15:15

Fall Beauty Tips from Artistry

Artistry, the official skincare and cosmetics sponsor of the Miss America Organization, just debuted their fall line. Here are some tips and inspiration!

Embrace your natural beauty
• Use subtle colours and a light hand to accentuate your best features.
• Invest in quality makeup brushes—like the ARTISTRY® Lavish Brush Set.
Sculpt with neutrals
• Use light, luminous neutrals to highlight your brow bone, the middle of your eyelid, your cheekbone.
• Use dark, intense neutrals to create dimension and drama along the lash line and in the crease.
Accent with colour
• Use touches of pink—on eyes, cheeks and lips—for a youthful glow.
• Prime your lips for rich colour with a lip pencil one shade darker than your lipstick. Fill in lips entirely with pencil, then apply top color.

Check out the new fall collection from Artistry here.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011 16:18

Summer Beauty Tips from Artistry

Artistry, the official makeup and skincare sponsor of the Miss America Organization, has given us some great tips and hints on summer trends! 

Use these tricks of the trade for flawless summer beauty. 

1. Get Glowing:
Make the switch to tinted moisturizer for the perfect amount of summer coverage that won’t slick off in the sun.

2. Bronze Believably:
Apply darker shades of ARTISTRY® 3D Face Powder with a light touch to areas where the sun would naturally kiss: forehead, top of the nose, cheekbones, temples, tip of the chin. Add dimension with lighter shades to the bridge of the nose and tops of cheekbones.

3. Avoid Makeup Meltdown: 
The summer humidity will smudge mascara, and raccoon eyes is never a good look. Avoid them by only using waterproof mascara, especially when applying to lower lashes (try ARTISTRY Total Mascara).

4. Wear Sheer Colour:
Vibrant summer colours are most beautiful when worn as watercolour washes. To get the look, tap off excess eye colour and apply with a soft touch. Try the beautiful greens and blues from the ARTISTRY Bloom In Colour Trend Colour Collection Eye Compacts for a gorgeously sheer wash of colour. Or, apply a light washing of a shimmering white eye colour (try Starry Night), then lightly layer a darker colour on top (try Eclipse or Rain Forest).

5. Tap on Colour:
Use your finger to dab on lip colour for a natural, stained look. The hottest shades this season are fuchsia and apricot (try ARTISTRY Bloom In Colour Lip Colour).

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 10:41

Artistry's Virtual Makeover Tool

This isn't technically a product you can purchase, but still - I really like this and you have to try it! Artistry has an online tool where you can upload a photo of yourself and try out different make-up looks. It is incredibly easy to use and the make-up looks very realistic. I had such fun playing with this tool and now I have a whole list of items I want to buy for in person use! Take a look at my makeover! You can do your own makeover at:


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Instant improvements and no recovery time make the new ARTISTRY® intensive skincare renewing peel a convenient, at-home alternative to acid-based peels. It provides a gentle, one-step option that’s cost-effective and rivals benefits experienced from professional treatments.

Intensive skincare renewing peel is appropriate for women of all skin types, including Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan. With traveling 20,000 miles a month, Scanlan simply doesn’t have time to regularly visit a dermatologist or wait for recovery from redness experienced after professional treatments. “I’ve turned to at-home alternatives. I love ARTISTRY intensive skincare renewing peel, which provides my skin with what I need in just minutes, without worrying about irritation,” comments Scanlan.

When used twice weekly for six weeks, renewing peel provides benefits comparable to a professional chemical peel. This targeted resurfacing treatment provides immediate improvement in the look and feel of skin texture, improved clarity, and reduction in the appearance of age spots and fine lines after six weeks of treatment. In fact, during clinical trials, 99 percent of participants showed improved smoothness and skin texture. After just eight minutes, women noticed instantly softer, smoother skin.

The product’s key ingredient, Mucor Miehei mushroom enzyme, mirrors the activity of exfoliating enzymes produced naturally in the skin. The self-neutralizing enzyme works with skin’s pH level to detect and dissolve dead skin cells. Yet, when it encounters the higher pH levels of lower layers of active skin, the exfoliating process automatically shuts off to protect healthy skin.

ARTISTRY intensive skincare renewing peel can be purchased through an AMWAY™ Independent Business Owner or by visiting .


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Learn more about Miss America 2011 Teresa's Scanlan latest appearance!


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We draw one day closer to the 2011 Miss America pageant as two more contestants won preliminary awards this evening.

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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 12:42

Artistry Time Defiance Face Lotion

Posted Thursday, February 11, 2010

time-defiance-night-recovery-lotionAs you know, Artistry is the new skincare and cosmetics sponsor for the Miss America Organization. I have had the chance to try some of their product and I have been very impressed with it!

One of my favorites is Time Defiance Face Lotion for evening. It comes in this nifty pump bottle. The product itself is not very's really more of a serum. It smells heavenly and instantly perks up my skin. I put it on at night before I go to bed, and have even been using it under my moisturizer during the day. I love that it makes my fair skin look vibrant, even in the Michigan winter!

Check out all their Time Defiance products on their website.

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