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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 10:38

Finding Your Own Personal Style

What does style mean? In a nutshell, style means looking and feeling good. And that means something different for everyone! Here’s how to create a signature look and feel that works for you. 

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fpts_post-the_right_lookAs a pageant contestant, you know how difficult it is to find the “perfect” gown to wear during competition. You’ve probably tried on hundreds of dresses, and maybe you’re a bit frustrated in the search. You’re not alone. It isn’t easy picking out the perfect dress, and the right look for a pageant contestant is based on several factors.

As a storeowner, when I am consulting a new girl for the first time, I always want to talk to them and see what their personality is like. I ask them, “What type of look are you going for? What did you envision yourself in? What kind of fit do you like? Do you have an inspiration of a titleholder? What looks make you feel beautiful when trying on gowns? What is your budget?”

From there, the fun begins. I start pulling dresses and have them start trying them on. Determining the contestant’s personality is important because the dress has to reflect the personality of the contestant (e.g., fun, playful, outgoing, elegant). She should be wearing the dress–not the dress wearing her.

Beyond that, some top key elements of finding the perfect dress would be the fit of the gown. It definitely needs to highlight the best parts of their body. Color is also a factor; it needs to be complimentary to her skin tone. And make use of the opinions of others. The opinion of directors can help guide a contestant to make the appropriate choice based on color, fit, style, and budget.

The biggest factor in finding the perfect dress is how the contestant ultimately feels in her gown because the right look will only help her exude confidence and her true beauty will shine through. The winning choice is the gown that brings the biggest smile to the contestant’s face, makes her feel beautiful, and if she does not want to take it off.

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Source: Larissa Maner owns Shimmer Boutique in Carrollton, Texas Photo: David Jones/stock.xchng

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Friday, 27 April 2012 09:05

Get the Perfect Smoky Eye

Smoky_EyeEyes are enhanced by attention, and a little bit of smokiness. The smoky-eye look has been around for quite a while. However, that doesn't mean the look is out of style. It's as popular today as it ever has been.

But for the smoky-eye style, a little goes a long way, and too much color or too dark a shadow can take your eyes awawy from attractive and drop them into a Tim Burton movie.

Everybody is different, some people like the really dramatic effect, but, as noted, this can go over-the-top. A more natural look can be more appealing.

The key is color matching, meaning your eye color, not your outfit. Freelance makeup artist Renata Stojcevski says women can enhance their natural eye color with the color of shadow around the eyes.

"The biggest misconception is, 'I have blue eyes, I should wear blue eye shadow," but it does nothing for eye. Shadow smoky brown makes (blue) eyes pop even more," Renata says.

For green eyes, shades of brown, copper, and rust "intensify the eye color," and brown eyes look best coupled with plums, and greens.

To give the eye a smoky look, follow these steps:

"I start in the outer corner with a campaign color across the lid, and do a little smoke in the crease," Renata says. Everyone's eyes are different, and some look better with a more intense smoky eye, whereas women with smaller eyes will benefit from less intense colors.

"If (the eye) is big and bold, use intense color all over the lid. If they're little, and small, do the smoky within the crease…I always start out with the crease, then do all of the eye," Renata says.

Champagne colors should be used on the lid to the brow line. Dab color into the crease and blend from there. The color should be well blended and smoothed around the eye, not just on the lid, Renata suggests.

"A smoky eye doesn't mean all the color is packed on the lid. It depends on the eye shape," she says. Blend the color across the lid to the outer corner of the eye to give it a cat-like look, or for something less intense, stay within the confines of the crease and outer corner.

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Heather French Henry is Miss America 2000, and now she's a designer! We asked Heather to give us the skinny on pageant style.

fourpoints: What is your opinion of the old adage, "white always wins"?
Heather French Henry: I can count on one hand the number of Miss Americas who won in white over the past two decades, so, I definitely believe white doesn't always win. When choosing a gown, I believe it's more important to choose a gown that fits "your" style, "your" body, and "your" coloring.

fpts: What is a cost effective way for girls to afford evening gowns?
HFH: I had this very problem when I was competing. I had three jobs, and was a full-time college student. I do feel that great gowns are worth saving for. When you go for quality, then you can use one gown many different ways. It can go from your evening gown to talent gown to eventually a walk-on gown. One gown can last you several years if you choose well.

fpts: How do you keep a teen contestant looking like a teen?
HFH: It is important to look "age-appropriate" in a teen competition. I had difficulty here because I always looked older. I feel sticking with a soft color palette in the wardrobe can help was well as toning down the make-up and hair.

fpts: How can contestants incorporate their personal style into the pageant wardrobe?
HFH: This is the one area most judges complain about–the contestants not choosing their own wardrobe. I believe guidance is good, but in moderation. The beauty of the Miss America system is that all of our contestants are unique in style as well as opinion and it should show.

fpts: Explain the concept of styling and outfit.

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Friday, 24 February 2012 12:28

Picking the Perfect Talent Attire


Talent_AttireEvery contestant knows that special feeling of finding the "right" gown–you look in the mirror, and stand a little taller, you smile a little brighter, you feel invincible in it. And you are wearing that gown, not the gown wearing you.

Your talent costume should be the same, you should feel great in it, and it should complement your talent, not overshadow it. There are elements to a great performance that are important to bringing together a "winning" talent piece, and it's important to look at your performance from others' viewpoints.

Fit Your Talent

These are the questions that I ask before I start designing, because the most important things for me are that the costume will not only look great, but also be functional and complement your talent.

  1. What style of dance will you be performing (jazz, ballet en pointe, baton twirling, etc.)?
  2. What song will you be performing to?
  3. Do you have anything particular in mind (for example: two-piece, halter, long skirt, pants, etc.)?
  4. What color(s) do you lie? Any colors you don't like?
  5. Do you have any design limitations (for example: large chested–need support/built-in bra)?


Fit Your Budget

With the economy, I think budget has been a concern for most contestants. I think it's always important to determine what your budget is before you go shopping, whether it's for your interview outfit, gown, or talent costume. Figure out what you're comfortable spending, and then work within that budget. If your budget is limited, there are always options, and working with a professional can help point you in the direction.

Above all, love your talent costume. It should be functional and comfortable so that you can perform to your absolute best in it. The right costume can elevate your talent, and add to the entertainment value of your performance.

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Source: Trisha Tidd

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Thursday, 18 August 2011 23:14

An Outstanding Style Tip

One person we like very much is Kasey Staniszewki, Miss Maryland's Outstanding TEen 2007 and stylist for La Casa Hermosa. Kasey was kind enough to give us a style tip!

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