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The Right Look: Dresses You Wear, Not the Other Way Around

Wednesday, 18 July 2012 11:52
fpts_post-the_right_lookAs a pageant contestant, you know how difficult it is to find the “perfect” gown to wear during competition. You’ve probably tried on hundreds of dresses, and maybe you’re a bit frustrated in the search. You’re not alone. It isn’t easy picking out the perfect dress, and the right look for a pageant contestant is based on several factors.

As a storeowner, when I am consulting a new girl for the first time, I always want to talk to them and see what their personality is like. I ask them, “What type of look are you going for? What did you envision yourself in? What kind of fit do you like? Do you have an inspiration of a titleholder? What looks make you feel beautiful when trying on gowns? What is your budget?”

From there, the fun begins. I start pulling dresses and have them start trying them on. Determining the contestant’s personality is important because the dress has to reflect the personality of the contestant (e.g., fun, playful, outgoing, elegant). She should be wearing the dress–not the dress wearing her.

Beyond that, some top key elements of finding the perfect dress would be the fit of the gown. It definitely needs to highlight the best parts of their body. Color is also a factor; it needs to be complimentary to her skin tone. And make use of the opinions of others. The opinion of directors can help guide a contestant to make the appropriate choice based on color, fit, style, and budget.

The biggest factor in finding the perfect dress is how the contestant ultimately feels in her gown because the right look will only help her exude confidence and her true beauty will shine through. The winning choice is the gown that brings the biggest smile to the contestant’s face, makes her feel beautiful, and if she does not want to take it off.

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Source: Larissa Maner owns Shimmer Boutique in Carrollton, Texas Photo: David Jones/stock.xchng