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Physical Fitness

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 08:30

Physical Fitness 1Every contestant wants to look her best on stage, especially in swimsuit! Here are five of our favorite tips on how to look your most healthy and fit. 

1.Consult a Professional. If you’re serious about getting in shape, consider booking at least one appointment with a personal trainer. He or she will help you focus your goals and tailor a workout to your exact needs. This will enable you to reach your fitness goals even faster and maximize your time. Even if you can’t afford to see a personal trainer on a regular basis, investing in just a single session could certainly pay off.

2.Eat. It may sound contradictory, but food is part of maintaining a healthy, fit figure. After all, food is fuel. Even if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, eat at least three meals a day (or six small meals) that are nutrient-dense and based on whole foods. 

3.Be Consistent. If you want to get in shape, a large part of your success hinges on your dedication to the program. It will not help you—or your body—if you exercise sporadically and have a diet that ranges from healthful to sinful. Setting up a regular workout routine and ensuring you have plenty of wise food choices around you will make it that much easier to reach your fitness goals. 

4.Challenge Yourself. In terms of physical exertion, your body can get bored. If you’re working out and eating well consistently, but your weight loss has plateaued, you may be in a rut. Surprise your body by adding an extra intense work out or a new food. You may be surprised when your weight loss kicks back into gear. 

5.Be Good to Yourself. The key to a healthy lifestyle is self-respect. “Most importantly, staying fit is about working toward and maintaining overall health by respecting your body, not depriving it. Set long-term goals, and try to focus on doing something nice for your body, not punishing it. You are a glorious, beautiful creation. So, respect yourself! Build physical, mental, and emotional health that will sustain you long beyond your next pageant,” said Miss America 2010 Kirsten Haglund.