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Lasting Advice from fourpoints

Monday, 27 January 2014 04:53

As we prepare to say "goodbye" to this community, we want to leave you with some lasting tips and advice we've learned over the years.

1. Challenge Yourself: Whether in physical fitness, your platform, interview, or talent, push yourself to be the very best you can be. You can't live life from your comfort zone so push yourself to achieve what you might not think is possible. You may be surprised with the results.

2. Own Your Style: The Miss America pageants are about health and fitness, but remember that you are beautiful inside and out. Don't focus on what everyone else is wearing, be true to yourself, your likes, dislikes, and what looks best on you. And remember, a big smile and a sweet heart are what truly makes you beautiful.

3. Be Involved: As titleholders, you are young women who are looked up to. Get out in your community and be involved. Be creative when it comes to fundraising, but make sure your heart is in your work and to always put others first.

4. Socialize: Since social media is such an important part of today's society, make sure that you are professionally representing yourself when on social media. Also, keep your followers updated on all of the great things you're doing and thank them for being a part of your journey as a titleholder. They will greatly appreciate it!

5. Be Confident: Throughout the many years and articles we've written, confidence is one of the top things pageant judges look for when considering the next titleholder or Miss America. Every one of you is capable of so much, be confident in who you are and everything else will follow.

6. Say Yes to the Right Dress: Don't settle when it comes to picking your dresses for the pageants. Find the one that you feel stunning in and be confident that your gut choice in style is the right one. 

7. Be a Hard Worker: It doesn't matter if you've been in pageants your whole life, or are just entering them for the first time, hard work and perseverance are the two keys to pushing yourself to new heights, making yourself stand out, and giving you unwavering confidence. These are some of the foundations that make a great person and potential Miss America.

8. Thank Your Family: Family is so important in this organization. Whether its your actual family, or your fellow contestants, your family and support group is so important and should be recognized on a daily basis for pushing you to be where you are now. We're all family in this organization, win or lose. 

9. Share Your Passion: Whether its through your platform, or in your community service, you passion should be so apparent, that people will know you by what you do. Find your niche and stick with it. There's nothing more appealing than a strong, confident, young woman with a passion to make a difference in this world.

10. Represent: Striving to get a crown is a great goal, but unless you exemplify all four points on that crown, you are not worthy of it. Remember to always aim for success, be true to your individual style, be thankful for the scholarships you've been given, and serve others. This will not only get you far in the Miss America journey, but in life as well.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your encouragement, belief, and passion. We hope to have made an impact on your personal journey with the Miss America Organization, because you’ve definitely made an impact on all of us at fourpoints.