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Artist Paints Beauty Queens, Miss America

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 09:18

Florida's Jules Burt isn't an ordinary painter: She has an affinity for "glamour queens." And be they members of the homecoming court or Miss America herself, Jules is glamming up caricatures for contestants across the country.

Most recently, Jules completed paintings for each of the fifty-three Miss America 2014 competition state contestants. It took her six weeks around the clock to complete all of the paintings. And after the paintings were done, she and her assistant worked "morning, noon, and night" to adorn the frames with rhinestone crystals. The paintings debuted at an evening event in Atlantic City during the Miss America competition. Many of the state representatives were given their paintings as gifts following the event. 

photoWorking first with the Miss Florida Organization and now at the national level, Jules said her partnerships with MAO have been eye-opening. The amount of money raised for charities and scholarships in particular piqued Jules' interest. "It's just amazing," she said. 

Jules hopes to continue working with MAO and encourages anyone who is interested to check out her work online. All she needs is a photo to work from to create individualized paintings. "I've painted thousands," Jules said. "My paintings make you feel happy. (Women) can identify with them, and they remind you not to take life too seriously." 

Get in touch with Jules by calling 813-843-6886 or e-mailing