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Eye on the Prize in South Carolina

Wednesday, 17 October 2012 10:40

DSC_6595Ashley Byrd, along with a stellar board and an army of supporters throughout his state, is leading the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization to success. How does this USC grad and volunteerism guru do it? By recognizing the importance of tradition and keeping his eye on the prize. Success to Ashley is providing educational and community service-oriented opportunities for young women.

Q: Why are the traditions of the South Carolina program important?
A: I am excited about the opportunity to celebrate the traditions that the program has maintained while modernizing the organization to increase the appeal of participation to contestants, volunteers, and sponsors. I am committed to representing both the State of South Carolina and Miss America brand with a celebration of tradition ("Roots in the Past") and the foresight to take the organization to the next level ("Eyes on the Future"). I believe in the Miss America program, the future of the Miss South Carolina program, and am excited about the opportunity to build a program that reflects our commitment to success, service, scholarship, and style.

Q: How does your organization handle so much media attention, first with Miss South Carolina 2011, Bree Boyce and now with national titleholder, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Rachel Wyatt?
A: We have a business manager and media committee that assist with the national exposure that we have been fortunate enough to have over the last two years. With the media exposure that Bree received, it took three individuals to manage the calls and requests during the first thirty days after she was crowned. We are fortunate to have a great board and team of dedicated volunteers in the state of South Carolina that make things happen.

Q: How will you make sure the organization is continually successful?
A: First and foremost, we want to create an environment in which participants, volunteers, and sponsors are better for having been a part of the process. Another objective of the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization is demonstrated in its choice of a business name at the time of incorporation. Scholarships and the opportunities they provide participants are truly what set us apart from other organizations that produce pageants in the state. Through continued hard work of the board and volunteers, we will aim to continuously increase both the number and amount of scholarships awarded at the local and state level.

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