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Guest Blogger Mackenzie Reeves Reflects on Week at Teens in Training Camp

Thursday, 29 August 2013 03:07

I went back for my second year of Teens in Training. After the great experience last year, I just thought that it’d be exactly the same. I was excited to go and see the shows and meet new people again. 

The first day, I still had the same nerves as the year before. For me, I hate meeting new people. The fear of being judged or not fitting in scares me. But by the time I sat on the couch, I already made friends with someone. For the next four days, we partook in workshops. Some were new and some were old. It was nice that there were some different ones for the girls who came back a second year.  

Last year helped me so much by just being able to talk to people. Before, I would never talk until someone talked to me first. This year, whenever it was quiet, I was the first to talk and I didn’t have the fear of people not wanting to hear me. This year, I found the new workshops helping me. The thing I liked the most was learning how to stand and talk properly. 

Every night, I enjoyed getting dressed up for the preliminary competitions and feeling proud of being part of this experience in one way. Meeting everyone who helps make this organization happen and seeing the people behind MAOT was amazing to me. My favorite part of the whole experience was at the Night of the Stars dinner. I got to put my interviewing skills to use and interview the little princesses on stage. 

This year, I feel like I made so many more friends that I got along with. I learned so much experience I can take home with me. I’ll be able to use the skills that I learned for a lifetime. I’m so blessed to have this experience and really let these lessons sink into me. 

Written by: Mackenzie Reeves attended Teens in Training Camp during the Miss America's Outstanding Teen competition in August 2013. She also attended the camp in August 2012. Although she has never competed in a pageant, Mackenzie enjoys employing the skills she learned at TNT camp in her everyday life.