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Everyone's A Critic

Friday, 20 September 2013 05:06

Soon after the 2014 Miss America Organization coronation last Sunday night, critics took to social media to share their opinions, somewhat rudely, about the judges' choice. In addition, TV and radio stations have recently questioned the relevancy of "beauty pageants" in general asking, "Why do we have pageants?" or "Should we ban pageants?" 

In the fourpoints office, we are saddened by the fact that there will always be people out there who take a negative view no matter the situation or cause. Those involved with the Miss America Organization and with Miss America's Outstanding Teen understand that as long as education and community service are relevant, so shall be MAO and MAOTeen. 

But what do we understand about diversity? Luckily for us, Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri will spend the next year working to promote her platform cultivating cultural competency throughout the United States. 

Following her crowning, Nina told members of a press conference, "I'm so proud to be the first Miss America of Indian descent. She isn't the Miss America of ten years ago and she's not going to be the same ten years down the road. I'm so thankful that children watching at home can relate to a new Miss America. They can look at me and see that they can break barriers, be who they are, and be successful despite their race or socio-economic status. I want to use this opportunity to encourage positive dialogue among all Americans about the ways in which we are all unique and how that makes us stronger as a country."

Would you like to get involved in this dialogue? MAO has the place for you! Send information using the hashtag #CirclesOfUnity on Twitter to @MissAmerica, Instagram to @missamericaorg, and to

Written by: Erika Rose is fourpoints magazine's staff writer.