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Part Two: Social Media: How is it Affecting You?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 09:26

This is the second part in a social media blog series written by guest writer Sierra Minott Jones. Click here to read part one

If we are going to be women who impact our communities and make a difference in the lives of those around us, we must learn to navigate the world of social media with wisdom, grace, and kindness. Here are a few tips that can help guide your social media choices. 

1. Count your blessings. How many of you have ever felt a little less attractive after scrolling through your latest photo feed on Instagram? I have! Or perhaps you feel, like, totally lame? You realize that you are sitting on your couch looking at other people’s photos of vacation, graduation, their awesome date, or their brand-new purse, and all of a sudden your so-called wonderful life doesn’t seem all that great. Be careful how much time you spend watching other people live their lives. You could be missing out on living yours!

2. Post, don’t boast. What do your photos say about you? Do they show you in a way that others, especially guys, would respect you? Or have you sabotaged your self-worth by showing too much? You may think that you are just posting a pretty picture, but that guy you are hoping to attract is probably thinking about a lot more. If you flaunt your body online, guys will think that you are willing to give them access to what you are advertising.  

3. It is NOT okay for a guy to pursue you exclusively through social media. If the guy you are dying to be with can’t get up enough courage to speak with you face-to-face, then he is not worth your time. God created you with delicate care and intricate detail. You are immeasurably beautiful and your heart is worth a valiant pursuit! Don’t be fooled by the lie that you have to catch the attention of a guy in order to be valuable. Don’t give yourself away to every guy who calls you “Baby” on Twitter Chat. Wait for a man who will honor you, love you, and respect you. And remember, the way you attract a guy is the way you will keep him. If you allow a guy to pursue you via text and Facebook chat, don’t be surprised when he drops you for the next girl who responds flirtatiously to his witty one-liners.

Ladies, don’t sell yourselves short. Take this opportunity to shape the history of your generation. After all, kindness, compassion, discipline, diligence, respect, and integrity are always trending.

Written by: Sierra Minott Jones, Miss Florida 2008 and fourth runner-up to Miss America 2009, was Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen 2005 and third runner-up in the inaugural Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant, in 2006. Photo: Reagan Johnson. Sierra is available for speaking at teen girl events, emceeing, and judging pageants. Click here to e-mail her.