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Joining the fourpoints Team

Friday, 10 February 2012 13:34

As a recently recruited writer for the fourpoints team, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to the members of the pageantry world. The exposure I had to the Miss America Organization prior to this position can be summed up by a handful of evenings spent watching the annual pageant, and a DVD copy of Miss Congeniality. But in the short weeks I've been writing, I have come into contact with contestants, volunteers, Executive Directors, and parents who are true advocates for the organization.

I got into writing because it is my heartfelt belief that everyone has a story to tell. Writing, however, can sometimes be daunting, and that's where I come in. If I can encounter someone, listen to their experiences, and craft an article that exemplifies their passion, then I have succeeded. The people I have interviewed so far for the upcoming issue of fourpoints have fierce affection for MAO, and frankly, they are making my job easy. I hope our fourpoints readers will be as inspired by them as I already am.

I still get starry eyed talking to Miss States over the phone, and my knees are weak just preparing to interview Miss America Laura Kaeppeler in the coming weeks, but to all participants in the Miss America Organization, I am truly looking forward to this opportunity to share in your joys and journeys to scholarship, success, style and service.

Erika Fifelski joined the Serendipity Media, LLC team in August 2011. Before that she wrote for a daily newspaper in Northeast Michigan. She has a degree in journalism from Michigan State University, and if she had to choose, her platform would involve advocating for urban farming and food sovereignty.