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Mystery Blogger Strikes Again, Gets Acquainted with Teens and Pageants

Thursday, 16 August 2012 09:29

Tuesday was my first day at the Teens and Training Camp. A lot of my worries were about not fitting in with the girls because they were “pageant girls,” but all of them are super nice and I actually get along with some of them. First was orientation which was intimidating seeing all of the girls packed into one suite. Our workshop for the Mental Management by Heather Sumlin was really amazing because she told me how to handle my nerves before a big performance and how not to psych myself out. She taught me how to compete with people and not against them and that I should boost myself up. Next was wardrobe with all the pretty ways to make my waist thinner, legs taller, and camouflage my chest. The prelims were amazing, seeing the talent and all of the contestants up on the stage were just to prepare us for the big show Saturday!

Day 2:

Wednesday was my second day at Teens in Training Camp. We worked on networking, which was really fun for me because it gave me more confidence to go up to someone and just start talking. I put my skills to use last night when I met Chris Judd. We got to go behind the curtain and see how the back stage team does while the girls are on stage. I really think this program is a great idea. I just get bored sometimes just sitting. I wish one thing they would add would be mock interviews with the judges. I think that would be really cool!