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Miss Idaho Scholarship Program state titleholder Whitney Wood readily sings the praises of Idaho. The state’s program deserves plenty of praise, too: It has a close-knit, family-style togetherness. It sets the bar for success as high as Table Mountain. And its volunteers don't mind rolling up their sleeves in the name of women’s empowerment and scholarship.

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Harvey Jenkins, medical director and owner of BodyTrends, talks about body enhancement procedures.

Are laser treatments and weight loss really necessary for looking your best in pageants?

The pressure to meet that standard is high. Medical weight loss, or weight loss under the supervision of a physician or medical personnel, allows the optimal weight to be achieved and for it to be accomplished in a safe and healthy manner. In most cases, the goal is not how much weight you can lose or how “small” you can become before pageant time. It is also not about starvation. None of these goals will translate into the best physique you can attain. The goal is to achieve the absolute best physique for your body type. The effects of rapid weight loss or any type of unhealthy weight loss are frequently reflected in the physique. Starvation's effect on muscle is easily seen. Over-trained muscle is also discernible. A liposuctioned abdomen is easy to detect. As we all have different rates of metabolism, the ease at which the "best body" that you can have is achieved will also vary. 

When preparing for a pageant, what is the number one feature contestants should focus on “enhancing”? 

Almost every pageant contestant we have worked with who ends up doing well in national competition has a different perception of weaknesses or flaws in their physiques than what we see, or perhaps what their directors, trainers, coaches, and advisers see. It is very difficult to self-assess, and to be objective about it. From our survey of swimsuit winners in local, state, and national pageants, the one feature that contestants should focus on is the abdomen. The abdomen is almost always exposed directly in a two-piece swimsuit or even indirectly in a one-piece swimsuit. Well-developed, well-defined abs pay testimony to a sound fitness regimen and good health. The qualities that comprise winning abs are not simply a flat abdomen, but a concave abdomen, with plating that is visible, but not overly masculinized. 

What are the best tools to use or things to do in order to be “swimsuit-ready”?

Outside of good fitness training and a diet, the most helpful tools to make a contestant’s body swimsuit-ready are the Zerona Laser, Accent XL, and VIP. All are body sculpting technologies that reduce fat and cellulite, contour specific body areas, and help enhance muscle definition, respectively. These technologies work well with what a contestant is doing in the gym and actually enhance the results that they achieve. The results occur much more rapidly than working out in the gym alone. The results are immediate, and major changes in the physique can be seen in as little as one month.

Written by: Chelsea Stoskopf, fourpoints editorial assistant

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Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan and two Miracle Children serving as ambassadors for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals “flipped the switch” last week to light the Empire State Building in yellow and red to celebrate the charity’s thirtieth anniversary.

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Yellow Jasmine Teen

Mary Grace Nasim
Miss Yellow Jasmine Teen

Wade Hampton Taylors Teen

Cameron Gaubert
Miss Wade Hampton-Taylors Teen

Summerville Teen

Sarah Beth Kreidler
Miss Summerville Teen

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