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Miss America 2012 Competition Order is Chosen

Wednesday, 10 August 2011 15:07

On Wednesday, August 9, 2011, the 53 contestants vying for the title of Miss America 2012 participated in the lottery that would determine their competition order. Here are the results.



Monday (AM) – Interview

Tuesday – On Stage Question

Wednesday – Swimsuit/Evening Wear

Thursday - Talent


Monday (PM) – Interview

Tuesday - Talent

Wednesday - On Stage Question

Thursday - Swimsuit/Evening Wear


Tuesday (AM) - Interview

Tuesday - Swimsuit/Evening Wear

Wednesday - Talent

Thursday - On Stage Question

Hawaii - Jump Rope Routine

Wisconsin - Operatic Vocal

Utah - Dance

Kansas - Dance

Indiana - Vocal

Louisiana - Contemporary Pointe Dance

Wyoming - Pop Vocal

Virginia - Operatic Vocal

Vermont - Scottish Highland Dance

Missouri - Vocal

North Dakota - Contemporary Lyrical Dance

North Carolina - Operatic Vocal

Washington - Celtic Fiddle

New Jersey - Dance

Minnesota - Vocal

Nebraska - Vocal

West Virginia - Lyrical Dance

Illinois - Ballet en Pointe

Nevada - Vocal

Virgin Islands - Flute

Mississippi - Piano

Georgia - Classical Ballet en Pointe

Delaware - Irish Step Dance

California - Ballet en Pointe

Idaho - Piano

New York - Vocal

Colorado - Musical Theater Dance

Maryland - Contemporary Dance

Alaska - Irish Step Dance

Puerto Rico - Ballet en Pointe

District of Columbia - Pop Vocal

Tennessee - Classical Vocal

New Hampshire - Vocal

Ohio - Vocal

Connecticut - Jazz Dance

South Carolina - Vocal

Texas - Piano

Montana - Vocal

Oklahoma - Irish Step Dance

Arkansas - Tap Dance

South Dakota - Piano

Massachusetts - Vocal

Florida - Vocal

Arizona - Jazz Dance

Iowa - Contemporary Vocal

Maine - Vocal

Alabama - Tap Dance

Rhode Island - Dance

New Mexico - Ballet en Pointe

Michigan - Jazz Dance

Kentucky - Piano

Pennsylvania - Lyrical Dance

Oregon - Vocal


Teresa is having a wonderful time with her wardrobe provider, Joseph Ribkoff!

Teresa will spend the week in Europe as a fashion correspondent for Joseph Ribkoff!

Teresa visits Washington D.C. to promote Let's Read! Let's Move!


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