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2012 Quality of Life Finalists Announced

Friday, 06 January 2012 09:43


The 2012 Quality of Life finalists were announced at the annual arrival ceremony at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The eight finalists and their personal platform issues are:

Miss Arkansas Kristen Glover–Second Chances Through Mentoring
Miss Hawaii Lauren Cheape–C.A.R.E., Collegiate Athletes Reaching Everyone
Miss Kentucky Ann Blair Thornton–Alzheimer's Awareness and Research
Miss Michigan Elizabeth Wertenberger–Continue to Dream, Giving Hope to Children with Chronic Illness
Miss Minnesota Natalie Davis–Autism Awareness: The Missing Piece
Miss New Hampshire Regan Hartley–Bullying Awareness in Our Community
Miss New York Kaitlin Monte–Anti-Bullying Through Youth Leadership 
Miss Ohio Ellen Bryan–Promoting Lightning Awareness, "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors"

The Quality of Life Awards were introduced in 1988 to recognize contestants who excel in their commitment to community service. In order to be considered for the Quality of Life Award, contestants must submit an application describing their involvement with Children's Miracle Network, the national platform of the Miss America Organization, and their own personal platform issue.

The winner of the Quality of Life Award will receive a $6,000 scholarship, the first runner-up will win a $4,000 scholarship, and the second runner-up will win a $2,000 scholarship. Winners will be announced at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on January 14 during the 3 p.m. (PST) press conference.

Source: Miss America Organization

kompliqueVibrant colors and personal expression are an integral theme of the upcoming 2012 Miss America Pageant, and the fifty-three women taking part in the iconic event—airing on ABC Television on Saturday, January 14, 2012. Showcasing strength, body, intelligence and beauty via their new official swimwear sponsor Kompliqué, the swimwear features vibrant colors and bold patterns that match the style and personalities of the individual Miss America contestants—and the bold new direction the Miss America brand is taking.

Kompliqué views the partnership with the Miss America Pageant as a cohesive match to the brand’s founding philosophy: "The Kompliqué woman cherishes her mind and her body equally. She is educated, but continues to study.  She has financial means, but continues to work. She is fit, but continues to exercise.  She does not rest, and remains in a constant state of improving her life and the lives of others.  She is beautiful, confident, ambitious, and yet ultra-feminine - she is Kompliqué."

President and CEO of the Miss America Organization, Art McMaster says, “This year we are celebrating the vibrancy, individual style and colorful personalities of our contestants, and aligning with Kompliqué as the official swimwear sponsor, will allow each contestant’s personal style to shine in the fitness and health competition.  It will bring an entirely new dynamic to the production of this year’s show as it emphasizes the intelligence and health of today’s young women.”

Kompliqué will be bringing an exciting new element to this year’s pageant. Each contestant will have a private consult with the Kompliqué design team to determine the style, fit, and colors that exemplify their individualism. Looking amazing in swimwear is no accident. The contestants cannot study the night before or purchase a swimwear figure in a boutique. The swimwear competition is unique in that it measures the contestant’s lifestyle and lifestyle choices. Just like the Miss America pageant is more than a beauty contest, Komplique is more than just bikinis.

Komplique is a lifestyle brand that embraces health, beauty, and self-esteem–a lifestyle that is achieved through education, hard work ethic, and self-discipline. Komplique recognizes and appreciates the commitment that these young women have made to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are very excited to see our collection on these amazing, talented, and hardworking young women! The sponsorship with Kompliqué was developed and introduced by Miss America Properties.

Source: Miss America Organization

Ask the Expert: Interview

Friday, 30 December 2011 10:22
Jim Robbins, founder of Image Improvement and interview coach to several former Miss Americas, is our resident expert for this issue of fourpoints. Here are the answers to your burning interview questions!

For teens, how much opinion is too much opinion?

If  a person is starting to put in too many and's then they are probably going on too long. It is best to state your opinion and support that view with an example or statement that shows you feel committed to that stance. Then look at another judge for another question. I am more impressed with someone who is not afraid to take a stand.

What is the most common mistake made during an interview ? Focusing on just the judge who asks the question and not sharing your response with the entire panel. The most common mistake made prior to the interview, is not preparing by knowing your resume, platform, current events, and pop culture. When someone other than the interviewee has prepared their information sheets, they are asking and going to get disaster. It's ok to have someone proofread your information.

What makes the interviewee come across as real and not rehearsed?

It's a cliche; but "Be yourself"! Don't try to be something you are not. Have a natural smile, good eye contact, speak up, don't be afraid to take a stand on controversial issues, look at all of the judges when responding to a question, and don't try to say what you think the judges want to hear because someone has told you something about one or all of them. Don't be afraid to be self-effacing, i.e., laugh or make fun of yourself.

Judges say that girls come across fake or scripted but what makes them say that ?  If a girl has over-rehearsed her answers this often occurs. If she has planned, canned responses that can also be a downer.  How do you avoid that ?  If you have prepared but not over-prepared, answer with the first thing that comes into your mind. If, however, it is a controversial question, you might want to "pause for the cause and you'll get the applause", i.e., pause briefly before responding.

What is the best way to personally connect with a judge and stand out when you are up against so many incredible young women?

Have energy, good eye contact, speak up, slow down and don't talk so fast, be self-effacing, don't be afraid to use gestures, look at all of your judges when responding to a question, and have a genuine smile. Also, "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. "

Just how important is the outfit versus the interview?

"The outfit will get you to town; but the interview will make you profound." Your interview outfit should compliment you, not distract from you. Too much jewelery can also be a distraction. There are several very good consignment shops and there are also reputable front-line dress and gown shop owners that will work with you if you are upfront with them and tell them what you can spend and are able to spend. Try to avoid getting caught up in the glitz and glamor of it all.


Join America's Big Give!

Thursday, 29 December 2011 11:29

Join the Miss America pageant family today in supporting Children's Miracle Network!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 28, Miss America Organization Board Chairman, Sam Haskell, III will be featured on CBS's The Early Show* to talk about the success of his book, Promises I Made My Mother, which will also be featured as one of their "Holiday Reads." He will also be discussing his involvement with the Miss America Organization, The Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and a few other things on which he is working. Be sure to tune in! 

*Please check your local listings

Express, Inc. (NYSE: EXPR), the specialty retail apparel chain operating more than 600 stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, announced today that Express will become an official sponsor of the 2012 Miss America Program.

The Miss America Organization is proud to announce that it is bringing back the voting aspect for the 2012 Miss America Pageant! The votes will determine one contestant as America's Choice!

Wednesday, December 7 in the 8 a.m. ET hour*

Tune in tomorrow, December 7, to hear the LIVE announcement of the national judges selected for the 2012 Miss America Pageant on ABC’s Good Morning America during the Pop News segment, in the 8 a.m. ET* hour.

* Please check your local listings